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so long, so long♥

♥ Lauren`
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i`m lauren.

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, 11:11, aim, away messages, balloon fights, beach, best friends, best week ever, blink 182, blue, bowling, boys, brad pitt, bubble gum, butterflies, candy, cell phones, chick flicks, chinese food, clothes, color, computers, cuddling, curly fries, cute clothes, cute icons, cute layouts, dancing, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, eyeliner, fashion, feeling loved, flip flops, food, football games, friends, fun, funny conversations, giggling, glitter, guitar, halloween, hanging out with friends, happiness, helping people with problems, hollister, hot chocolate, hot pink, hugs, i love the 90's, ice cream, icons, joking, kisses, kiwi, laughing, laughing!, lime green, lip gloss, livejournal, long e-mails, love, lyrics, make-up, makeup, making people laugh, mall, mean girls, memories, money, movies, mtv, music, music videos, my friends, nail polish, new clothes, nice hair, nicole richie, night, ocean, old school nintendo, paris hilton, parties, photography, pictures, pink, play-doh, playing in the rain, pretty eyes, quotes, remembering, saturday night live, saved by the bell, scary movies, schlotskyz, secrets, shoes, shopping, skirts, sleep, sleeping in, sleepovers, snow days, snowdays, spending money, stars, stickers, summer, surveys, taco bell, taking back sunday, taking pictures, talking, talking on the phone, tanning, teddy bears, the beach, the breakfast club, the internet, the mall, the oc, the real world, the sims, thinking, thunderstorms, tickling, tinkerbell, trips, tshirts, tv, vanilla coke, vh1, victoria secrets, vintage, weekends, your mom